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Naama Levy Drum Teacher

Naama Levy | Drum Teacher | NJ School of Music - Medford, NJ 08055

Naama Levy is a drummer and educator with over 15 years of experience as a versatile drummer ranging from rock, funk and r&b to latin, jazz and world music. Originally from Israel, her passion for drumming began in high school where she specialized in music.

Her craft continued to develop after graduation when she took private lessons from Doron Giat, one of Israel's most prominent musicians. She moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue drumming full time and graduated from the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music in 2016 where she studied under the leading teachers in the field and was selected to be in a special honors ensemble. 

Since then, Naama has had the opportunity to play in recording studio sessions for local artists and perform live in iconic venues and local festivals including Piano Bar, Sassafras Saloon, The Mint, NACA festival and Piyut Festival among others.

In addition to her love for creating and performing, she has a passion for teaching. By teaching students musicianship and right technique, she aims to nurture their love for music and help them gain confidence in their drumming.

Drum Lessons with Naama are available on Tuesday.

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